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Crossroads United Church
"where life and Spirit meet"

A new United Church congregation in Kingston, Ontario, formed by the merger of Queen St. and St. Margaret's United

690 Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston ON, K7M 1A2
email: chrchsect@bellnet.ca
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Sunday worship @ 10:30am

News and Notices . . .

Choir Cantata Service
Sunday, December 14, 2014 (10:30am worship)

A service of carols and choir anthems to celebrate the Advent season
Christmas eve family service
Wednesday Dec. 24, 2014 @6:30pm
A mixture of carols, lessons and music. It wraps up with a Christmas pageant in which all who wish to participate (young or old) get a role to play, with costumes provided!

Christmas Dinner and Concert
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Dinner @ 6pm

Catered by Ramekins Restaurant
Cost - $15 (advance tickets required - not needed for concert only)

Concert @7:15pm
presented by the
Frontenac Community Concert Band
with guest harpist Merrilyn Barber

Freewill offering in support of Kingston Youth Arts Cooperative

Christmas Baskets
This December, Crossroads will again be providing 48 Christmas food baskets as a part of the city-wide Salvation Army drive for which we will need to raise $3000. Consider contributing to this program that benefits the less fortunate and add your donation to your regular Sunday envelope.

Pew and Pulpit
a chance for dialogue, discussion and exploration for the faith journey
- in the Conn Room following Sunday worship

Next session: Sunday December 14, 2014

Longest Night Service
Does Christmas seem lonlier or bleaker this year? Is your heart heavy with loss? Join us for this special Christmas service of remembrance and healing.

Sunday, December 21, 2014 @3:00pm

Christmas Newsletter now available online
Click here to view our latest 2014 newsletter.

New Sounds in Worship
Our alternative music ensemble features acoustic guitar, woodwinds, and keyboard in an accessible style. After a hiatus of a few years, we've made an effort to re-introduce this feature as we make our 10:30am Sunday worship welcoming to all ages.

Next appearance (tentative): January 18, 2015

If you're an instrumentalist, why not consider joining our group?
Contact Allan (ab25@queensu.ca)

New Organ Installed

After almost 30 years' service, Crossroads' organ had outlived its life expectancy. It was becoming increasingly difficult to repair and parts were no longer available. A congregational meeting in May accepted Council's recommendation to acquire a new electronic organ at a cost of just under $29,000. The new organ was installed in the sanctuary in July. As worship services were held in the church hall during the summer, September 8, 2013 will mark the first time the new organ will be used in worship. Our music directors (Kevin and Shirley) have been spending the summer "getting up to steam" with all the new features.

old organ removed
old organ being removed (old bass footpedals at R)
inside new organ
  a look inside the new organ
installing speakers
  installing the speakers

A Green Future for Crossroads
Solar Panels for our sanctuary roof

The United Church's New Creed says that we are to "live with respect in creation", but our society isn't generally respectful in how we care for the earth. Now Crossroads is reducing its "carbon footprint" through an Ontario Power Authority program that promotes clean energy sources - in our case, by installing photovoltaic solar cells that produce electricity. Some features of the project are:
  • a 10kW system that generates about $8000 worth of electricity /year
  • carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 7 tonnes /yr if fossil fuels had generated that power
  • 1.7 acres of forest would be needed to soak up that much CO2
  • OPAís MicroFIT program offers a 20 year contract; the panels generally last for at least 25 years (power could still be sold after the contract expires, but at a lower rate)
  • the churchís use of power is paid for separately (and we pay for the power we use at a much lower rate)
  • materials and installation cost about $65000
  • over 20 years, Crossroads would sell about $170,000 worth of power (from which the original cost must be deducted), so this is practicing both ecological and financial stewardship over the long term. Much of the financing will come from redirecting existing church investments.

This project was approved at the March 2012 congregational meeting and at a subsequent meeting of Presbytery.

Update - Oct 2012 - Panels now operational
With thanks to Amherst Roofing (roofing replacement) and RW Electric (solar installation), this project has now been completed, and we have been generating electricity and exporting it to "the grid" (Kingston Hydro) since mid September, 2012.

replacing old roof   solar panels in place
    (L) replacing old roof                     (R) solar panels on W sanctuary roof

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New worship songs from Crossroads

View and listen to original hymns/songs and lyrics heard from time to time in our worship

photo tour of the church

About the season: Advent
When: Starts four Sundays before Christmas (Nov. 30 in 2014) until Christmas.
About the Date: "Advent" means "coming" as we await the coming of Jesus, the Word made flesh, into the world at Christmas.
Colour: BLUE
Meaning: Hope and waiting are the themes of this season. Each Sunday a different candle is lit, corresponding with hope, peace, joy and love. Sometimes purple (the colour of royalty, but also of the asking of forgiveness) is used for each candle; recently, blue (representing Mary, who waits with us for her baby's arrival) has become more common. The third Sunday uses a different colour - pink, representing joy. On Christmas or Christmas eve, the Christ candle (the white one in the middle) is lit.

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About our logo
Adopted in 2010, the logo illustrates two crossing roads at the bottom, representing our location at the intersection of two busy roads in Kingston, as well as the way in which our lives and our faith intersect. The rays of the sun illustrate the light that our faith shines on our lives, and the colours (purple and green) are the most common colours of the liturgical year (purple during the 40 days of Lent, and green between Pentecost and Advent).

"This is what the Lord says: stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient ways, ask where the good path is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls" - Jeremiah 6:16

About us

10:30 A.M.
physical accessibility hearing assistance available

Youth Worship classes
and Nursery Care

kids at Crossroads


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New hymn for times of violence (mp3 file)
"When Peaceful Lives are Shaken"
(premiered: Nov. 10, 2013)



Crossroads United Church, as a congregation of the United Church of Canada, is a welcoming and supportive community of Christians that gathers to worship, seeks spiritual growth and humbly works to advance Godís justice in the world.

In a busy, confusing world it's good to know that we do not have to face our challenges alone. At Crossroads, we believe that by deepening our relationship with God and one another we can discover the spiritual resources we need to meet the demands of modern living.

We believe a church should be a community of people who love one another, challenge one another, and support one another as they work together to further God's work in the world. Each week we gather in worship to deepen our relationship with God and discover where God is at work in our lives and world.

Our Worship is a mixture of traditional and contemporary. A senior choir, the incorporation of visual projection technology and the occasional drama presentation enhance the worship experience. Music may be accompanied by the organ, piano, clarinet or percussion. About once a month, our New Sounds group adds guitars to the musical mix. Plus, we occasionally feature new music in the form of original songs for worship from our unofficial "composer-in-residence".

Whatever your age, whether you're single, married, or divorced; whatever your social or economic situation or sexual orientation, whether you or your family have special needs, we invite you to become part of this community in Christ. Come see if Crossroads is the place where you can find a spiritual home.
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Our amalgamation story
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